Compare & Contrast Various Computers

There are hundreds of different computers for sale, with a wide range of prices and available features. When comparing and contrasting them, its easiest to do it by three categories: performance speed, case design and software.


Many things factor into the performance of a computer, not just the CPU speed. Compare graphics cards, memory, hard drive speed and the speed of the disc drive also come into play. Look at benchmark tests to see how fast the computer can complete certain tasks, such as opening a program or playing a game. Also check to see how many USB and other connection ports the computer has. You’ll be hooking up a lot of hardware to your computer, make sure there are enough ports for all of it.


Different kinds of cases have their own pros and cons. Compact and slim cases are smaller but harder to upgrade than massive towers. Some computers today bypass the case completely and combine the monitor and computer into one component. Pick a case based on which is more important to you.


Many pre-built computers come with pre-installed software. Compare the packages to see which operating system is included as well as which version of the operating system. Also see whether any pre-installed office of antivirus software is included; note whether the software is a full version or only a trial version that expires after a certain number of days.

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