Compare Graphics Card Benchmarks

Graphics card benchmarks test the performance of your computer’s graphics.

Benchmarking software tests various aspects of your computer and presents measurable results you can compare to other benchmarks. Graphics cards are often tested with such software to see how well they handle everyday graphics processing and resource-heavy PC games.

Benchmarking Software

Many of the benchmarking programs used to test graphics cards are freely available through the software’s website. Such programs typically run multiple tests, including 2D and 3D graphics demonstrations designed to simulate modern PC games. Some review and benchmarking sites also use actual PC games to determine graphical benchmarks.

Comparing Results

Databases of benchmark results are freely available online. These sites allow you to browse through multiple benchmarking results for current and past graphics cards, comparing the scores with one another or your computer’s score with the same software. Some benchmarking programs, like PassMark, collect the information from benchmarking tests by users and present the results on the same website for quick, easy comparison.


While graphical benchmark tests give computer owners an idea of their graphics card’s performance, the results typically won’t be completely accurate. Other computer components play a role in how well your computer displays graphics. Hardware such as the computer’s random access memory (RAM) and processor also factor into graphical performance, and if your configuration differs from the test system used in the benchmarking comparison you’re using, the results will likely differ.

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