Compare The Virginia Company Colonies With The Plymouth Colony

The colonies of Virginia and Massachusetts both began with voyages financed by corporations. The first colony in Virginia was founded at Jamestown in 1607. The Pilgrims started their colony in Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1620.


The Virginia Company received a charter from King James I of England to establish a colony in order to find gold deposits and a water route to Asia. Plymouth colony was founded by a group of Christian Puritan Separatists, known as Pilgrims, to escape religious persecution in England.


The Virginia Company started a representative assembly in 1619. The Virginia Company ordered the colonists to found one government for the entire colony of Virginia. The Pilgrims established a charter, the Mayflower Compact, on the ship sailing to North America. The compact declared that the colony was not subject to English law and would be ruled by a system agreed upon by the male colonists.


In 1619, the colonists of Virginia traded food for slaves with a Dutch trader. The slaves were originally used as indentured servants, but by the 1680s, Africans were used as slave labor. The Pilgrims were indentured servants to the London Virginia Company, which financed their journey to North America. Slavery did not occur in the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

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