Compatible Graphics Cards For A Dell Gx260

This card plugs into PCI slots on a PC’s motherboard.

A cutting edge graphics card is always a necessity for serious gamers or those who dabble or work in the field of video and graphics editing. As the technology behind both areas continues to improve, PC enthusiasts need to upgrade their hardware in order to be able to experience the latest innovations. Of course, any new graphics card must be compatible with your system.

Dell OptiPlex GX260 Features

The GX260 comes with Intel Extreme Graphics and, depending on your specific configuration, an ATI Radeon 7500 graphics card. The Intel Extreme Graphics is integrated, which means it is not a separate card and is installed directly onto the motherboard. Integrated cards have much less performance power when compared with most standalone graphics cards. The Radeon 7500 has 32 MB of memory, but a more powerful card can be installed in its place. Any video card in use by the system will bypass any integrated graphics with monitors being plugged into the card directly.

AGP Graphics Cards

The GX260 features one AGP port on its motherboard. AGP stands for Accelerated Graphics Port. This is a high-speed port used for video cards that require more bandwidth for their higher-end processing needs. If you have a Radeon 7500, it is plugged into this port and must be removed before a replacement can be installed. Check the packaging or product information for any video card you are considering purchasing. If it confirms that it is an AGP card, it is compatible with your system.

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PCI Graphics Cards

Peripheral Component Interconnect, or PCI, slots are one of the most common methods of connecting hardware to a PC motherboard. Most hardware, including sound cards and modems that don’t need as much speed as a real-time video producing card, use PCI. There are some video cards that use PCI, but they will be less powerful than AGP cards. As with AGP cards, a PCI-compliant graphics card will list this on the packaging or product info available online. The GX260 features either one, two or three PCI slots depending on your specific configuration.


PCI-compatible graphics cards are less expensive than AGP graphics cards, but this comes at the expense of processing power. AGP slots are high-speed ports designed for graphics. The cards do cost more, but you will get increased performance. AGP cards also typically have higher power demands with some higher-end cards even coming with their own power supplies. There are a variety of video-related cards that tend to use PCI slots, such as video capture cards and TV recorders.