Compile Android Samples In Android Mk

Compile Android Samples in is the name of an Android software development program that lets you compile and run Android applications on your computer so you can test them out before you transfer them to your Android powered smartphone. This program is free and open source, and it accepts a variety of Android project file formats. So it works with Android projects that have been developed on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.


1. Open the “Start” menu on your computer, select the “All Programs” option and open the “” program.

2. Click on the “File” button and then click the “Open Existing Android Project” option.

3. Select your Android project file and then click “Open.”

4. Click on the gray gear button in the toolbar that says “Compile application” when you hover over it. Wait a few moments while compiles your program. When an alert box pops up that says “Compilation successful,” you are finished.

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