Computer Animation Career Education Advice

If you are thinking about going into a career in computer animation, you will most likely need to attend college after high school to properly train yourself with all the latest equipment and software. With all the different schools out there nowadays, there are specific qualifications you will need to look at to help determine what school to go to and what classes to take.

Types of Degrees

When looking at colleges to study computer animation, make sure they have a specific degree in computer animation. If the schools’ degrees are only in art, applied art, computer graphics or applied computer art, you will want to avoid these schools. This is because they are giving you just a general degree, not a specific degree. With these degrees you will most likely have to take a variety of different classes, many of which have nothing to do with your major. In addition, many prospective employers will not be impressed with the applied art degree; they would much rather see the degree in computer animation.

Find Out What Equipment They Have

Go to a school that has state-of-the-art computers and software. Contact the school and look into what kinds of equipment it is using for the computer animation degree. Takes notes of what it tells you and what volume or year the product is. Then look up online to see what the latest version is. If the school’s software is two or three versions removed from the most up-to-date software, you may want to look elsewhere. This is because if you learn on old software, then find an internship or job which runs on brand new software, you may be completely out of luck because oftentimes new versions of software will have features not available on previous releases.

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Compare Class Offerings

Once you have your list of possible schools down to a few, compare the different available courses offered. This is important because you want to see a wide variety of classes. In addition, once you enroll into your school, take a wide variety of classes in your major such as motion control capture to landscaping design. Again this is important for searching for your job. If you can place on your resume that you know do a wide variety of tasks and use a wide variety of software, you will be more likely to be hired because your potential employer will see you as more valuable.