Computer Graphic Design Careers

3D animation is part of the growing computer graphic design field.

With the digital revolution, virtually all professional graphic design is executed and implemented with the use of computers. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects employment growth in the field of 13 percent between 2008 and 2018, with a total graphic design employment of 323,100 by 2018. Most jobs in the field require a bachelor’s degree. Graphic designers with animation and Web design experience are expected to enjoy the best job prospects in this period.

Print Graphic Designer

There remains a demand for traditional graphic designers of printed materials such as newspapers, books and magazines. These designers use computer software programs such as InDesign and Photoshop for layout and image editing. The BLS reports total employment in this category of 25,670 at an average salary of $41,600 as of May 2009. Note that this is below the average mean annual graphic designer wage of $47,820 from the same survey.

Web Graphic Designer

Mobile phones have become a platform for digital media.

Web graphic designers create websites and online content for their clients, using software such as Dreamweaver and Expression Studio. Designers are expected to combine visual design skills with the ability to translate ideas into Web content and images. The BLS cites an increasing need for graphic designers who can create work for websites, mobile phones and other digital technologies, while warning that the field will be very competitive. Web advertising is expected to drive the growth in this field.

Web Graphic Animator

Graphic designers working with animated Web graphics use software such as Flash to produce animated and interactive elements for websites. Designers working with Flash and similar programs are often referred to as multi-media artists. According to the BLS, multi-media artists employed in the advertising and public relations industry earn an average salary of $57,630, higher than the mean average salary of graphic designers. Figures are from a May 2009 survey.

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Video Game Designer

Graphic designers working in the video game industry use game making software such as Darkbasic Pro and Gamespace. Designers working in the field train at specialized schools like Expression College for Digital Arts in Emeryville, Calif. Video game design is a fast growing field offering opportunities to graphic designers with a strong interest in the field. According to, one of the important characteristics of game designers is that they really like and understand video games.

3D Graphic Designer

Graphic designers working with 3D images and animation work with specialized software such as Maya 3D and Lightwave 3D. They find employment in the advertising, motion picture, software and computer systems design industries. The BLS identifies graphic designers with animation skills as having a competitive edge in the job market.