Connect A Dell Latitude D510 Laptop To A Hdtv Hitachi 57f59j

The Dell Latitude D510 was originally designed for small business and corporate users seeking a sturdy and reliable device equipped with versatile connectivity and media capabilities. As such, the D510’s features include shock absorbers, a “Tri-Metal” chassis, a sealed keyboard, wireless capabilities, Bluetooth support, an internal modem and the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 900. The D510 also comes equipped with an S-Video port, allowing users to connect the device to televisions, such as the Hitachi 57F59j.


1. Plug the TRS end of the audio cable into the headphones jack on the Latitude D510, located on the left side of the laptop, near the front edge. Plug one end of the S-Video cable into the yellow port located on the rear of the laptop.

2. Examine the front of the Hitachi 57F59j and find the input jacks located on the left side of the control panel. Plug the remaining end of the S-Video cable into the port labeled “S-Video.” Plug the remaining ends of the audio cable into the ports labeled “L/MONO” and “R.”

3. Turn on the television and press the button labeled “INPUT.” Use the up and down cursor buttons to select the option labeled “INPUT 5.” Press the “SELECT” button to confirm your selection.

4. Turn on your laptop and log into Windows. Open the “Start” menu and select the option labeled “Control Panel.” Select the option labeled “Appearance and Themes,” then open the “Display” control panel.

5. Select the tab labeled “Settings” and click on the option labeled “Advanced.” Navigate to the “Intel ® Extreme Graphics” tab and select the option labeled “Graphic Properties.”

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6. Select the option labeled “TV” to disable the laptop’s display while the device is connected to the television. Select the option labeled “Intel ® Dual Display Clone” to keep the laptop’s display active while connected; use the “Device Settings” option if you need to adjust your settings when keeping the display active.

7. Confirm your settings by clicking on the button labeled “Apply,” followed by “OK,” “YES” and “OK.”