Connect A Tv To An Ati Rage Allinwonder

Connect the Rage All-In-Wonder card to a TV to play games and movies on the bigger screen.

The ATI Rage All-In-Wonder video card provides VGI, S-video and composite outputs for connecting your computer to a television. You can take advantage of your TV’s large screen to watch movies stored on your computer, display slide shows and play 3-D video games. You also can use the TV as a monitor for running applications, viewing presentations and browsing the Internet. The Rage All-In-Wonder card supports standard- and high-definition televisions.


1. Turn off your computer and television.

2. Look at the connections on the back of the television to identify what inputs are available. VGA inputs resemble a trapezoid and have 15-pin slots arranged in three rows of five. S-video connections are black and circular, with slots for four pins. Composite video connections are yellow, circular and hollow in the center.

3. Insert the VGA, S-Video or composite cable into the available input jack on the back of the television. Plug the other end of the cable into the appropriate output on the back of the ATI Rage All-In-Wonder video card.

4. Turn on the television. Press the “Source” button on the TV’s remote to switch the television to the appropriate input source. For example, select “VGA” if you connected the video card to the TV with a VGA cable. Some televisions label the VGA input “PC” instead of “VGA.” Consult your TV’s user manual if you have difficulty identifying the correct input source settings.

5. Turn on the computer. Windows will automatically detect the television. Click the Windows “Start” button, then “Control Panel.” Click “Display” to access the video output settings. Click “Change Display Settings” in the left column. Windows will display a graphic illustrating your current display settings. If using a television and no monitor, you will see a single display labeled “1,” representing your television. If using a monitor and TV, Windows labels the monitor “1” and the television “2.” Click the screen you want to use as your primary monitor. Check the box “Make this my main monitor” below the screen.

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6. Click the television in the “Display Settings” menu. Select the maximum resolution supported by the TV from the “Resolution” drop-down menu. High-definition televisions support either 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels or 1280 pixels by 720 pixels, depending on the model. Standard-definition TVs support 640 pixels by 480 pixels. Click “OK” to save the display settings.