Connect An External Monitor To A Sony Vaio Laptop

Having a laptop is great when traveling. It gives you extra productivity time, allowing you to do work on airplanes, in coffee shops or even in your backyard. However sometimes that laptop monitor just doesn’t offer enough workspace. There’s not much you can do about that when traveling, but many people use their laptops as their home computers too, and that’s when adding an external monitor can be a great help in expanding your on-screen real estate.


1. Plug one end of your VGA cable into the port on the monitor, and the other end into the port on the laptop.

2. Click Fn + F7 (on most Vaios, or look for the hot key with the picture of the monitor on it). This will toggle between “laptop-screen-only,” “external-monitor-only” or both screens. On the “both screens” setting, you will still see a clone of the same screen on the laptop and the desktop. You may not need to perform this step if you see an image come up on both monitors as soon as the cable is plugged in.

3. Right-click on the desktop and choose “Graphics Properties.”

4. Choose “Extended Desktop” under “Multiple Display” in the configuration screen that appears. Choose “Notebook” as the primary device; this will make it easier to disconnect the external monitor when necessary. Click “OK” or “Apply.”

5. Accept the new settings in the pop-up box that appears telling you the display settings have been changed.

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