Connect An Nvidia 64mb Graphics Card With Tvout

Nvidia is a computer hardware manufacturer mostly recognized for its graphics cards, graphics chipsets and graphics processors. As well as being used in Nvidia graphics cards, Nvidia technology is used by a number of other graphics card manufacturers. Each graphics card has a random access memory (RAM or Memory) chip built into the graphics card. As of 2010, most graphics cards have at least 512MB of RAM onboard. Older graphics cards with 64MB of RAM can still be used. Nvidia made a lot of graphics cards in their GeForce range that had TV-Out capabilities. Installation of a graphics card is a simple process that requires taking the side of your computer off.


1. Turn off your computer and disconnect all cables plugged in at the back.

2. Unscrew the screws that hold on the side panel of your computer. Slide off the right-hand panel (when looking at the computer from the rear).

3. Unscrew one of the back panel plates towards the bottom of the computer case at the rear. These line up with various white (PCI) and brown (AGP) slots on your motherboard (the main board inside your computer).

4. Push your Nvidia graphics card into the slot where you removed the back panel plate. The graphics card will click into place. Screw the graphics card in place with the screw removed from the back panel plate.

5. Reattach the side panel of your computer and screw the screws back in. Reconnect all the wires that were connected to your computer before.

6. Connect the S-Video cable that was provided with your Nvidia graphics card into the “TV-Out” port on the back of your graphics card. Connect the other end to the S-Video port for your TV.

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7. Turn on your computer and place the installation CD provided with your graphics card in the disc drive.

8. Follow the onscreen instructions to set up your graphics card. Reset your computer to finish connecting your Nvidia graphics card with your TV.