Convert A 2d Image To A 3d Animated Gif

Add movement to your website with 3D animated GIFs.

Like a cartoon, an animated GIF contains multiple images that rapidly move in sequence to show movement. They are simple to make and add a touch of multimedia to otherwise static Web pages. Web designers use them to attract attention to certain parts of Web pages, as well as to add emphasis to text through emoticons. By using your graphics editor to convert your 2D images to 3D, then visiting an animated-GIF making website, you can create 3D animated GIFs that are attractive and eye catching.


Convert 2D Images to 3D

1. Open your image in a graphics editor that has the function to create 3D; Adobe Photoshop is one of the few that does. Select the layer(s) that you would like to convert to 3D.

2. Select a shape such as a sphere or cube to turn that layer into 3D. In Adobe Photoshop, click “Choose 3D,” then “New Shape From Layer,” then select a shape.

3. Save the 3D image in a format that retains the 3D content or export it to a 3D file format. In Photoshop, click “File,” then “Save.” Type in a file name, then click “Save.” This will save it as a PSD file. To export the file in a 3D file format, click “3D,” then “Export 3D layer.” Select “U3D” or “KMZ.” Type in a file name, then click “OK.”

4. Repeat Steps 1 to 3 for the other images you would like in your animated GIF sequence.

Create Animated GIF

5. Visit an animated GIF-making website (see References).

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6. Click “Choose File.” Select your file and click “Open.” Repeat this step for all the other images you would like to appear in your animated GIF sequence.

7. Select the size of your image and the speed at which you would like to rotate through the images.

8. Click “Create animation.”