Convert A Jpg To 3d

If you have wondered whether you can create three-dimensional models like you see in movies and video games, the answer is yes. At one time, you would have needed an expensive and highly complex modeling program such as Maya or 3Dmax. But there are now 3-D modeling programs available that won’t break the bank and won’t require you to devote months to learning the interface. To turn a JPEG into a 3-D model, we will use the Daz3ds Hexagon program, using a technique known as box modeling.


1. Load a pair of JPEGs of the object you want to model onto your computer system. These photos should be taken from the same distance: one face-on and one from the right.

2. Open Hexagon. Go to Scene Properties and click on the box next to the background grid. Browse to the image you took from the front of the object and select it. This will apply the JPEG to the background grid. Now select the side grid and apply the side image to it.

3. Go to the Primitives tab, and click on Cube. Draw a cube onto the canvas. Make it smaller than the background image.

4. Select a face of the cube you want to extrude, Go to the “Vertex Modeling” tab, and select “Extrude.” Use the extrusion tool to extend the face, selecting which setting you want to use in the “Properties Panel” on the right. Try to match the shape of the image.

5. Select one of the “Tessellation” tools. If you have an area where there is not enough geometry to work with (for instance, you are at the foot, and have one polygon where you need five toes) you can use the “Tessellation” tools to create new polygons simply by drawing across the polygon to divide it.

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