Convert An Flv To An Iphone

FLV is a multi-source file format created by Adobe Flash Player and used to host high graphics, animation, audio, and H.264 video all in one. It is a popular choice with mainstream online websites and television news programs. While it contains multiple types of files, it can be converted to more universal and adaptable multimedia file formats, such as MP3, MP4, or QuickTime Movie (MOV) files to play on your iPhone. Handbrake, a free open-source program, can easily convert media formats as needed.


Converting Your FLV to Universal Media Files

1. Visit Handbrake, linked under Resources below. Click on the “Download” section, then choose the PC or Mac version of the DVD ripper and conversion program for your computer. Click the Handbrake icon on your start-up toolbar.

2. Select the “Source” option and choose your desired file. In the “Output Settings” section, select an MP3 format for audio or an MP4 format for video to play on your iPhone.

3. Select a directory path where you want your converted files saved by clicking on “Browse” near the “Destination” tab. Choose “Start” to begin converting to the appropriate format. The process could take a few hours; ripping most often occurs in real time and will take as long as the actual length of the video. Once finished, select your new media file from the appropriate directory to play in your iPhone.

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