Cool Adobe Photoshop Tricks

Photoshop can produce many interesting effects.

Adobe Photoshop is a powerful and complex raster graphics program. It is used by professionals around the world in an array of industries. Its popularity is partly due to the many tools and capabilities that Adobe builds into its flagship product, as well as the fact that with every new incarnation Adobe expands those abilities. There is also a broad support base for Photoshop users provided by both Adobe and others unaffiliated with the company.

Faded Edges

One interesting effect that can be produced in Photoshop is a faded border around an image. There are several uses for this kind of image, such as for a greeting card or a memorial photo. One way to produce this effect uses the “Rectangular” selection tool set to “feather” to remove a faded border around the image, blending it into the layer below. But an even more impressive effect is produced by using the “Eraser” with a large faded brush tip. This approach allows the user to create a non-uniform border for the faded edge.

Selecting Hair

One of the more difficult tasks in Photoshop is to select hair to make changes to it, such as altering the overall color or removing gray. Many people will try to use the “Lasso” or “Magnetic Polygon” selection tool for this, but those are not accurate enough to produce a professional result. A better approach is to use the “Quick Mask” tool combined with the “Brush” tool to make a selection of the hair. The user can adjust the size of the brush as he works, so as to get at very small strands of hair.

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Copying Images

Photoshop has several ways of bringing images into the document that is already open, such as copying and pasting or using the “Duplicate” function in the “layers” panel. However, a quicker way to accomplish this is to open the second image on the computer (it does not even have to be opened in Photoshop) and drag it using the mouse onto the canvas in Photoshop.