Cool Text Effects In Illustrator

Creating eye-catching text effects can help your message stand out.

A great way to add some pop or pizazz to your textual presentation is by employing unique text effects in Adobe Illustrator. Given the ever-growing volume of visual information via the Internet, television, print media and even telephones, getting your message out there takes more creativity and visual fanfare than ever before. In order to get people to read your message, you have to get them to notice your message.

Grass Text Effect

Creating this fresh effect is easy for beginners and is perfect for an eco-friendly company, website or flyer where you want to create impact with your message. Take a tutorial at Tutorialized to learn create this effect. The tutorial will teach you add layers of textured leaves, water droplets and ladybugs to a base text for a crisp, friendly design.

Ornate Lettering Text

Ornate lettering is used in greeting cards, logos, signs, T-shirts, tattoos and much more and has been around for centuries. According to Computer Arts magazine, there are many ways to create different ornate font styles. You can find more information about create your own flourishing and fanciful text at Go Media Zine.

3-D Letter Designs

A 3-D letter design is a fun and robust was to convey a message. This font style is effective in reaching children or those with a playful spirit. According to Vector Tut Plus, this technique is meant for the advanced beginner. While learning this style, you’ll explore create 3-D text and use depth-of-field focal points to enhance a design.

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Blueprint Text

This cool text effect looks like a construction and design in itself, conjuring up images of an architect’s blueprint. Aptly set in blue, this text is bold and conveys an idea of structure and design. According to Layers Magazine, the text style can be seen just about everywhere—even on the cover of “The Photoshop Help Desk Book” by Dave Cross. Layers Magazine’s website also provides a helpful tutorial about create this text effect.