Create 3d Animation With Gis

Create a 3-D world using your GIS.

ArcGIS is a software that utilizes ArcScene to create geographic information systems (GIS). A GIS system utilizes 3-D models and aerial photographs to create a 3-D world. The software offers an animation feature that moves the camera between different points in the universe. The animation tool automatically creates a timeline, but you can alter the timeline of the software to make the birds-eye style animation longer or shorter. ArcGIS is part of a software suite sold by ESRI.


1. Create the ArcGIS 3-D model file. Click on the “File” menu and select “New,” then click “ArcScene.”

2. Enter data into the pop-up window. This data includes elevation, building locations and any other data you have. Import aerial photographs by selecting the “Import” menu, and selecting “Photographs.” Adjust the scene. Double-click on the “Layout Properties” toolbar, and click on the drop-down menu below “Z Unit Conversion.” Select “Exaggerate.”

3. Place your mouse over an area in the scene and click on that point. Click on the animation tool bar and scroll to “Create Keyframe,” or press the small icon that looks like a camera. This creates a keyframe. A keyframe is a point in the timeline that signifies a change.

4. Create a second keyframe. Move your mouse to a second point, and click on it. Click the camera icon. This will open an “Animation Controls” box. Change the number after “Duration” to make the animation longer or shorter.

5. Add additional keyframes as desired.

6. Export the animation. Click on the “Animation” tool bar, and scroll to “Export.” Select “Video.” Enter a file name and select the .mov extension, then press the “OK” button.

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