Create 3d Character Models

Create your own 3D character models.

Create 3D character models using graphic software programs. There are several 3D creation software programs and plug ins that extend graphic programs. A basic understanding of create faces, bodies, buildings and other models using graphic software will help you begin developing the graphics in 3D. Creating 3D character models can be complicated and extensive.


1. Click “Start,” hover your cursor over “All Programs,” click the 3D graphic software folder or shortcut on your “Start Menu” to open the program.

2. Click “File,” then “New” to begin a new design. Click “Tools” to select the “Pencil,” “Circle,” “Rectangle” or “Arc” tool.

3. Place your cursor at the point in the canvas where you wish to start drawing. Once you click and hold the mouse button, move the tool across the canvas to the desired size. Repeat for each aspect of the model you are creating.

4. Click the “Push/Pull” tool, place the cursor over the model you just drew, click and drag to create the 3D effect. Repeat for each part of the model until you are satisfied with the results.

5. Click the “Rotation” tool to observe each side of the 3D character model, making changes and adjustments where needed.

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