Create 3d Computer Games

Like other artistic fields, 3D game design requires timing, perseverance and dedication. Prior planning is the key to creating a quality marketable game. Game designers can use computers and the Internet to create, market and distribute quality 3D games.


1. Play many games in different genres. Record your likes and dislikes for each game. Select popular and bargain-basement games. Determine what made the game a success or failure.

2. Ask gamers. Research what others look for in computer games. Talk with people online in forums and in computer and video-game stores. Briefly explain your game aspirations. Gather contact information. When your game is finished, you’ll have a mailing list of interested buyers.

3. Join an online game design community like Game Creators. Talk with other designers, visit forums for game creation tips and subscribe to newsletters for industry information. Many communities offer game design software. Download, install and test 3D game design software demos from several websites.

4. Purchase software from a community site. You’ll have people to chat with if you encounter software bugs. Choose software that is flexible and features add-on products for expanded versatility.

5. Decide your game genre. Sketch your hero and primary villain. Create a biography for both characters. Make interesting secondary characters. Build them around a concept, emotion or an idea. Storyboard the game. Using your 3D software, create and test each game level. After completion, post forum notices requesting play testers.

6. Correct errors and market your game through websites like Lulu and CNET’s Download.

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