Create 3d Effects In Photoshop

Photoshop is a powerful graphics program. One of the basic tricks to learn with Photoshop is create 3D or three dimensional effects. Once you master this simple technique, you can quickly make all your graphics “pop” visually. The example is going to use text as the graphic object but the directions work equally well with other graphics.


1. Open the Photoshop program. Create a new document. Set the document to have an opaque background (#FFFFFF.) The size optimum size for this project is 500×200 pixels.

2. Click on the “New Layer” icon. Select a text color. Next select the “Text” icon. Choose a thick font to get the maximum 3D effect. Type in the text you want to use.

3. Make a copy of the current layer. Drag this layer to the “New Layer” button. Next move the newly made layer under the first layer.

4. Choose the copied layer. Click on the “F” icon. Choose “Bevel and Emboss.” Select “Inner Bevel” style, “Chisel Hard” technique, “91%” depth, “Up” direction, “5 px” size and “0 px” soften. Click “OK” when you finish these selections from their drop-down menus.

5. Select the “Eye” next to the original text layer. Click on the “Move” tool. Simultaneously press “ALT+UP.” Next press the “Right” arrow key. Repeat this key sequence as many times as necessary to get the depth you want on your text.

6. Reactivate the original layer. Make sure you are working with the original layer. Click on the “Move” tool. Carefully move the text slightly to the right and up.

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7. Create optional shadows and layer effects if you wish. Experiment to get the 3D graphic you want.