Create 3d Games

With computer technology becoming more sophisticated, the average home user can do things with his computer that would have been impossible ten years ago. Creating 3D games at home is both possible and rewarding, but requires a great deal of knowledge.


Create 3D Games

1. To create 3D games, the computer used must be a PC running Windows XP or Vista. It should have a minimum of 2GB of memory and 500GB of hard drive space. The CPU should have a speed of at least 1.6Ghz.

2. A programming language must be chosen. A good programming language for first-time gamers is darkBASICprofessional. It has enough features to create sophisticated multi-player games, yet is simple enough to learn in 1 to 2 months time, with intensive studying of 2 to 3 hours per day. The specifics of what needs to be learned will be based on what language is chosen; each language will have vast differences in complexity and function.

3. To create the visual aspects of the game, such as textures and characters, graphical software is used. There are dozens of applications available for this. DarkMATTER is an extension program to create models for games programmed with darkBASIC and works very well. How the textures are created will depend entirely on the software used, however, as each one is different.

4. An instruction manual is needed to learn the programming language chosen. These are produced by independent authors, and can be found both online and in retail book stores. The manual should thoroughly cover both basic and advanced techniques, including the integration of graphics and textures. Often times, free tutorials can be located online.

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5. Once all the required parts are gathered, use a programming language compiler to do the programming. DarkBasic comes with it’s own compiler. Follow tutorials using pre-programmed code to get a feel for rendering and saving games. Start working your way through a beginner instruction manual, following the practice exercises in the first chapter. By the end of a beginners manual, you should be able to create simple FPS and racing games. Proceed to more complex manuals until proficiency is achieved.

6. Once a game is rendered and ready to be played, a publishing platform can used. There are several different options. For commercial distribution, a sales pitch should be sent to various companies. Because the odds of commercial distribution is low, the game can also be sold independently via a personal website and merchant tools. The game can also be made free for public download by adding it to a list of free games and uploading it to a file hosting website.