Create 3d Gaming Characters

3D gaming characters are increasingly common in video games.

In many modern video games, the characters are rendered as 3D objects. While most video games are made with complicated programs and require the skills of a computer programmer, there are 3D game character software and websites available that allow anyone to create a 3D gaming character. Some software even allows the user to create a 3D game without the complications of personal programming.


1. Write out character personality and background. Creating a background and personality for the character makes designing the character easier. Not only does it give an idea of the character’s appearance, but it gives depth to the character. Whether the character is made for personal enjoyment or for the creation of a new game, the background of the character makes the character complete. Include a basic description of appearance while writing the personality to make designing easier.

2. Select a 3D character design software or website which allows 3D character design. Websites like Girl Game Zone have several games which provide 3D character design and creation. Software options are slightly more complex because they require installation into the computer before they can run.

3. Create the character. Exact methods will differ for each game or software program, but most have similar layouts. Select whether the character is male or female and what the character is in the game. The software will often have a tutorial or wizard to getting started while the design websites will usually start by asking about the character.

4. Input the information about the character. Usually the software or website will open a page with the basic character once male or female and their purpose in a game is established. From there, select eye color, hair color, skin, shape of mouth, eyes and nose, hair and clothing.

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