Create 3d Maps

Creating 3-D maps is useful for hiking trips or for work.

Creating 3-D maps is a useful skill that many professionals such as surveyors, scientists, engineers and military officers can use to help them perform their jobs better. Many applications are available in the market today that can help you create 3-D topographical maps in a few minutes.


1. Go to and try out their Terrain Tools 3-D program. The software provides features such as land development, mapping and terrain modeling. The versatility of this software is complemented by its ability to provide functions for coordinate geometry, site grading, design, report generation and many others. To try the software, go to the download section and choose application options such as civil, forestry and mapping.

2. Try Map Maker Pro by going to Map Maker Pro is part of Map Maker Gratis, a free GIS (Geographical Information System). For simple needs, use Map Maker Gratis. For complex maps, you will need Map Maker Pro. Map Maker Pro is also an easy-to-se GIS software that is currently in use by more than 100 countries worldwide. The output from Map Maker Pro can be imported to other GIS, CAD and database programs

3. Create a 3-D map of any place on Earth by going to’s Anvil 3D Mapping feature. The site provides the ease of creating a 3-D map by providing a video of step-by-step instructions. Before beginning to create a map, you are required to register and download the software.

4. Order a 3-D holographic map custom made for you by Zebra Imaging provides a digital print of 3-D maps of buildings and other structures. Their digital prints are used by the U.S. military, Department of Homeland Security and private corporations. These maps can cost as much as $500 per print.

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