Create A 3d Banner

When you create a website, you probably want to get as much traffic to your site as possible. One way to do this is to create a banner that visitors notice. While there are plenty of ways to do this, one way is to make a banner that incorporates various 3-D elements into its design. All you need is Photoshop CS4 Extended and a good 3-D modeling program such as “Hexagon.”


1. Determine what sort of 3-D elements you would like to have in your banner. It could be a modeled object or character, but the most common use for 3-D in graphics is in 3-D text, such as a 3-D version of the site name.

2. Start up “Hexagon.” Go to the “Primitives” toolbar, and select the “Text” tool. Click inside the scene. A window will open up.

3. Select the settings for your text, entering the font, scale and depth.

4. In the area below these settings, type in the text you decided to use, and hit “enter.”

5. Go to the menu, select “File”, then “Export”, and click “Save as Wavefront OBJ”. Now open Photoshop CS4 Extended, and import the “Wavefront OBJ” model into your banner design.

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