Create A 3d Car

Making one of these on a computer is tough.

Making a 3D car is a challenge. The process involves much artistic skill and plenty of practice with digital arts programs before completion. These programs can take several months or years to learn properly. Cars themselves are detailed, so there are many fine aspects to tune and work out properly. If you are willing to practice and invest the time though, you can make your own 3D car.


1. Find a 3D rendering program you’d like to use to help make your 3D car.

2. Try the program: Blender (See Resources). Blender is a 3D rendering software. You can make the car that you need in this program for free. The program is open source that means you can use it as long as you want. Blender uses a 3D layout that allows you to scroll around the model.

The easiest way to make a car in Blender is to import a car image and use what is called the “Masking” tool to trace around it and make shapes. Once you have your car shape, you can change colors if you need. There isn’t a lot in this program in the way of complex design as far as patterns or brushes are concerned, but it is a good program for creating basic 3D shapes.

3. Give Maya a whirl (See Resources). Maya is paid software that must be bought before you can use it 100 percent. If you use the trial version you can get a feel for it, but everything you export or save will have a watermark on it reminding you that it is a trial version. The software is expensive, but it offers more features than free software. It is also more complicated and requires much training to use.

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Maya uses a camera system to navigate around what you are making. It is sort of a combination of the programs Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Flash in that it allows 3D image editing, but also allows you to put in animations. Like Blender, you can import pictures to trace over in Maya, but if you want to make a car from scratch it offers plenty of shape tools for you to create shapes and piece them together to make a car. The shapes can be as complicated or as basic as you’d like.

When you’ve finished with you car it offers complex detailing options too. You can import several different textures, colors, and patters to you car to make it however you want.

4. Download a trial of Adobe Photoshop and use it (See Resources). Photoshop is normally a 2D image editing software, but it can produce 3D images with the right skills and methods. Like Maya, the software must be bought before the trial runs out, and it is expensive software. You’ll need experience to use this software which means you can’t just pick it up right out of the box and make your car right away.

Unlike the other two programs where you can import a car and easily trace over it to make your own car, this task is more difficult in Photoshop. It is possible to make another layer, but the masking tool in Photoshop is different than that in other programs. Instead, one of the easiest ways to make your car is to import pictures of other cars and take the parts you want from them and combine them. Photoshop is mainly an image editing program after all, not a rendering program

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where you make things from scratch. You could take tires from one car, windows from another and so on until you’ve pieced together a car you like all using the lasso tool to draw around the parts you want and extracting them.

Like Maya though, it does have advanced detailing aspects. You can import patterns, change colors, even make your own custom designs. Creating your own design for your car is probably easiest in Photoshop since it is one of the leading design software programs available.