Create A 3d Chart

Create a 3D chart.

Create 3D charts using the free Internet website ChartGizmo or purchased software such as Excel or Word. Each tool has the capability to develop a variety of three dimensional charts. ChartGizmo provides 3D pie, line and bar charts that are suitable for simple 3D diagrams. For more formats, use Microsoft Word and Excel to create 3D column, area, surface and bubble charts. The charting sections in Microsoft Word and Excel provide an extensive drop-down list of 3D chart formats not available in the free online software applications.


Create a 3D Chart with ChartGizmo

1. Click “Create Account” on the ChartGizmo home page (see References).

2. Type in your email address, create a password, confirm the password and click “Signup.”

3. Click “New Chart” and select “3D Pie,” “3D Line” or “3D Bar” from the “Chart Type” drop-down menu.

4. Click “Save Chart” or “Save & Publish” to create a 3D chart.

Create a 3D Chart with Word

5. Launch Microsoft Word.

6. Click “Insert,” “Chart.” The “Change Chart Type” dialog box is displayed.

7. Select one of the 3D charts in the display list, such as “3D Clustered Column,” and click “OK” to create the 3D chart.

Create a 3D Chart in Excel

8. Open a Microsoft Excel document.

9. Select and drag to highlight the cells to be included in the 3D chart.

10. Click “Insert” and then click the “Area” drop-down arrow in the “Charts” section and select the “3-D Area” chart icon. This creates the 3D chart in the Excel workbook.

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