Create A 64by64 Avatar

Avatars are an ever-growing presence on the Internet in message boards, email and instant messengers. They can provide personality insight on a person in a quick glance. Many sites impose a restriction on the size of the avatars that you can use. Scaling an avatar to other dimensions ensures that your avatars are usable on any of your favorite sites.


1. Design or download a picture that you’ld like to use as an avatar and save it to an easy-to-remember location.

2. Open Microsoft Paint, which comes with Windows.

3. Click “Open,” navigate to your previously saved picture file and select it. The file opens in Paint.

4. Make any necessary changes. When you’re satisfied, click “Resize” in the “Image” container. The “Resize and Skew” dialog appears.

5. Click the “Pixels” radio button and uncheck “Maintain aspect ratio.” Then enter “64” in both of the boxes in the “Resize” frame. Click “OK.”

6. Click the drop-down icon in the upper-left corner and click “Save As.” Select an appropriate name and location for your avatar. Click “Save.”

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