Create A Bubble Map

A bubble map is a layout that consists of circles or bubbles that are linked together. The central circle contains the subject, and all of the circles linked to it are used to describe the subject with adjectives. They are very useful when writing a story to brainstorm adjectives that will be used to describe the subject. It provides a nice layout to organize your thoughts and develop descriptions for your subject.


1. Draw a round circle in the center of the page. Write the subject in the circle. For example, if we want to describe a character named Bob, we would put “Bob” in the central circle.

2. Draw another circle on the paper. Draw a line that connects this circle from the central circle. Write an adjective that describes the subject in the second circle. For example, if Bob is tall, we would put “Tall” in the second circle.

3. Continue to brainstorm as many adjectives that you can think of for the subject. Draw circles around the central circle and draw lines connecting them from the central circle.

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