Create A Character In Rpg Maker Xp

If you’re creating your own role-playing game with RPG Maker XP, you definitely need to create characters. Characters drive a good RPG above all else. Your player or hero will be the most important, but you’ll also need non-player characters that help the player along the game.


1. Make sure you have completed all the other RPG Maker layers. This involves the floor and all objects that make up the map of the game. The characters will be on your Events layer.

2. Right click on a square on the grid where you want a character and select “New Event.” Click on the Graphic window on the left to bring up the list of graphics, like character sprites.

3. Select the character picture, also known as a “sprite,” that you want. If the character moves, check “Move Animation” in Options and the appropriate Trigger. Choose the type of movement in the box to the left.

4. Go to Event Commands and select your character’s actions from the list. Click on “Show Text” if you want the character to say something and type your quote in the text box.

5. Type in the character’s name in the Name text box in the top left corner. Click “Apply” and “OK” to complete the character, and then place it at the appropriate spot on the map.

6. Click on the database icon and go to the Actors tab for the character that is your player. It will be the top name in the Actors list to the left. You can either stick with the selected sprite and battle graphic or choose others.

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7. Choose the class of your player. Input the base statistics that it will start with, and set its parameters, such as how easily it will gain experience. Decide what equipment it will start out with.