Create A Directx 8 1 3d Device

Microsoft DirectX is a collection of interfaces used to communicate with your computer’s hardware. Programs that require your graphics card and processor to display 3-D graphics on your screen rely on DirectX to send the information to your hardware in a way in which it can understand. When communication is successful, the program has created a link between software and hardware. If unsuccessful, you may receive a message that the program failed to create a DirectX 3-D device. This error generally means the program was unable to establish communication between the DirectX-related software interfaces and your computer’s hardware.


Download and Run DirectX Update Software

1. Navigate to the Microsoft DirectX download page (see “Resources”).

2. Click the blue “Download” button next to “Dxwebsetup.”

3. Click the “Run” button on the “Do You Want to Run or Save…” dialog.

4. Click the “Yes” button on the “User Account Control” warning. This loads the DirectX setup.

5. Click “I Accept the Agreement” and click the “Next” button. This installs DirectX updates.

6. Click “Finish” on the “Installation Complete” screen.

Attempt Update to Compatible Driver

7. Press the “Windows” and “R” keys simultaneously. This loads a Run box.

8. Type “Devmgmt.msc” in the Run box and press “Enter.” This opens the Windows Device Manager.

9. Double-click “Display Adapters.”

10. Right-click your graphics card and click “Update Driver Software.” This searches the Microsoft database for a new or compatible driver. Click “Install” if a new driver was found. Click “Close” if Microsoft confirms that the best driver is already installed.

Permissions and Compatibility

11. Right-click the game’s shortcut icon and click “Properties.”

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12. Click the “Compatibility” tab and click in the box next to “Run This Program as an Administrator.”

13. Click “Help Me Choose the Settings.” This loads a Windows Help and Support dialog on your screen.

14. Click the “Program Compatibility Troubleshooter” link. This opens a Program Compatibility window on your screen.

15. Click the “Next” button at the bottom. Windows will try to automatically detect any computability issues with your program.

16. Click the “Try Recommended Settings” link and then click “Start the Program.” Continue reading if your still receiving the error message.

Additional Troubleshooting

17.Disable your antivirus software and test the program again. Some security programs may block components necessary for your software to communicate with the DirectX APIs.

18. Press the “Windows” and “R” keys simultaneously on your keyboard. Type “Dxdiag” in the Run box and press the “Enter” key. This opens the DirectX Diagnostic Tool on your screen. Click the “Display” tab and look at the “Notes” section. This will detail if any problems found on your DirectX-related hardware.

19. Click “Start” and type “Command” in the Search box. Right-click “Command Prompt” from the search results and click “Run as Administrator.” Type “SFC /Scannow” in the prompt and press the “Enter” key. This utility scans your system files, including the DirectX APIs, for errors and automatically repairs them.