Create A Fantasy Montage With Photoshop

Fantasy and sword and sorcery websites are very popular on the Web, due to the large number of video games, movies and other products produced with these themes. If you are creating your own fantasy website, you might want to create a montage image filled with fantasy theme items. This image could be used as the burner for your site, or you could make it the background wallpaper. Creating such a montage that doesn’t infringe on copyrighted material is possible if you use Photoshop combined with the freeware program Daz Studio.


1. Go to the Daz 3-D site, download the latest freeware version of Daz Studio and install it on your computer. While you are at Daz 3-D download any free swords, goblets or other fantasy-related items. Install these items to the Daz Studio application.

2. Visit and again download any fantasy-related items. You will particularly want to download one of Rodluc2001’s free castles on Any of these items that are in Daz Studio or Poser format can be saved to the Daz Studio application. Place the rest in a folder named “Props.”

3. Start Daz Studio. Go to the folders on the left and find the first item you want to use. Drag it into the scene. Click on the “Render” tab. Choose the image size on the right. Then name your file and click the location. Make the file type PNG. (This creates a transparency around the object). Then click “Render” and the image will be saved.

4. Delete the item and repeat Step 3 for all of the items you loaded. Items placed in the “Props” folder can be imported by clicking on “File” and “Import.”

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5. Open Photoshop. Select “File” and click “New.” In the dialog, enter the width and height for your document. Click “OK.”

6. Select the “Paintbucket” tool and fill the background with whatever color you choose. Choose your page color if you want the fantasy montage to blend into your site

7. Select “File” and click “Open.” Browse to the images you rendered and open them. Place the images in the new document with the “Copy” and “Paste” functions under “Edit.”

8. Place each item where you want it on your fantasy montage with the “Move” tool and the “Scale” function under “Edit.”

9. Select “File” and click “Save.” Name your file and save it as a JPEG.