Create A Fourweek Calendar

Create a month-at-a-glance calendar on your computer.

Keep track of your doctor appointments, meetings, family events and upcoming special occasions with a month-at-a-glance calendar. Instead of spending money on store-bought options, create your own with a couple of clicks through one of a few programs that may already be on your computer. Make use of templates or create your own from scratch, adding personal engagements and dates to remember all a month ahead of time.


Using Photoshop

1. Create a month calendar from scratch by opening Photoshop, clicking “File” and clicking “New.” Give the file the name of the calendar month, such as “December.” Set your preferred dimensions; for a calendar the size of a standard page of paper, set the sizing to 11 inches by 8.5 inches and click “OK.”

2. Click the “Line Tool” on the “Tools” palette. If you don’t see it, look for a hollow rectangle, hollow circle or solid star and right-click that shape; these tools all share the same icon square until they’re used. Select the line, then draw five horizontal lines from the left side of the “December” box to the right side, splitting the box into six equal rows.

3. Click the “Type” tool, which looks like a “T,” and select a font, size and color from the text toolbar at the top of the page. Position your cursor on the very top row of the calendar and type the month, such as “December.”

4. Click the “Line Tool” again and divide the bottom five rows vertically. Draw six equidistant lines from the second row to the bottom of the “December” box. Do not draw lines on the top row with the month’s name in it.

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5. Click the “Type” tool again and type “Sunday” in the first row. Move the next row and type “Monday,” continuing across the rows until “Saturday.”

6. Type the first day of the month under the appropriate day of the week and move into the next box, filling in all of the days of the month.

7. Change paint colors and fonts, then click inside the day of the month with a special occasion such as a birthday or appointment and type the words inside the box.

Using Publisher

8. Take advantage of Publisher’s preset calendar templates by opening the program, clicking “Publications for Print” and selecting “Calendars.” Scroll through the preset monthly designs and double-click an option. It opens in the Publisher workspace.

9. Highlight the placeholder month at the top of the calendar and start typing directly over it with the name of the month you’re creating.

10. Click the “Text” tool, which looks like an index card with an “A” on it, and draw a text box inside one of the dates on the calendar. Type a birthday or holiday. Repeat to add more occasions in other dates on the page.

11. Click the “Color Schemes” link on the “Calendar Options” panel on the left side of the screen. Scroll through the different color sets and double-click one; the calendar automatically updates to the new colors.

12. Click the “Font Schemes” link, scroll through the different types of word formatting and double-click a new option to update the calendar’s text appearance.

Using Word

13. Use one of Word’s calendar templates by opening Word, clicking “File” and selecting “New.” When the “New Document” pane opens, type “Calendar” into the “Search online for” box.

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14. Scroll through the results and click a link to see a preview. Click the “Download” button and within a few moments, the calendar opens in the Word workspace.

15. Highlight the month on the calendar and type directly over it with the new month. Highlight the text again and use the text toolbar at the top of the page to change the font, size and color of the text.

16. Click your cursor inside a day box on the calendar and type an appointment to remember. Highlight the text and reformat it with the text toolbar. Move to another box and add more occasions.