Create A Graphic Link

Create a Graphic Link

Graphics are a good way to attract a page visitor to a link on a web site. The difference in coding text links and graphic links is minor, so the real difficulty is deciding when an image is an appropriate substitute for text. With a little thought and experimentation, graphics can be used as a great looking and clear alternative to text links to seamlessly guide users through a site.


1. Open the web page script to be edited in a text editor like Editpad or Notepad.

2. Copy this HTML code:

3. With the cursor, left click on the place in the script where the linked graphic belongs. Right click and choose “paste” to enter the code you just copied.

4. Enter the link address between the quotations in .

5. Then, enter the location of the image you wish to use as a link between the quotations in

6. Adjust the size values to fit the graphic’s height and width between the quotations in height=” ” and width=” “. If you want to use the image’s original size, just delete the height=” ” and width=” ” part of the code.

7. To add a border to the graphic, change the zero in border=”0″ to a value of 1 or greater. The larger the number, the thicker the border.

8. Finally, change the text between the alt=” ” quotations to a description of the linked page. This pop-up text will appear when a page viewer hovers a cursor over the image.

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