Create A Personal 3d Art Gallery Online

Add dimension to your web pages.

You can create a personal 3D art gallery online easily by using Jalbum. It is an application that combines your images into a gallery that you can post on your web space.

This assumes you have a web service provider and you know publish a web page.


Prepare your images

1. Collect the images you want to publish in your gallery. The images should be rendered from your 3D software as jpeg files. Place them in a folder on your computer.

2. Download, install and launch the free application Jalbum.

3. Drag the folder containing your images into the main window in Jalbum. You will see instructions in the window. Your images will appear in the main window.

4. Select “Make Jalbum.” You will see a progress window labeled “Making album.” The software will combine your images into a gallery and create the necessary files to publish to your web server. The files will be created in a folder labeled “album” in the folder containing your original images.

5. Save the files in the folder to your web ftp server. Make sure to transfer the files and not the entire folder or the gallery will not publish.

Check your website to see if your gallery has been successfully published.

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