Create A Revolving Icon

A computer icon

One of the most important aspects of creating a webpage is to add eye-catching features that visitors will appreciate or enjoy. While most websites have standard static clickable buttons or icons (either elliptical or rectangular), you can jazz up your site with rotating icons. This might seem like a project that would require a professional graphics artist, but if you have any of the programs below, you can quickly create this impressive graphic yourself.


Hexagon and Poser

1. Open Hexagon. Select the “Lines” tab and click on the “Interpolated Curve” tool. Use the tool to draw out the shape of your logo. Make sure it is symmetrical, with the same number of points on both sides.

2. Click on the “Surface Modeling” tab and choose “Coons Surface.” Then click on the lines and a surface will be created. You now can delete polygons to create spaces (holes) in the icon. Click to open the “Shader/Material” tab on the left and change the color to what you want for the icon.

3. Select “File” and click “Export.” Save the file as a Wavefront OBJ. Open Poser.

4. Select “File” and click “Import.” Browse to and open the file you saved in Step 3. Position the model in the view so it faces the front camera.

5. Go to the timeline and rotate the model 360 degrees in the last frame. Then click on “Make Movie” and save your file in the size you want as an animated GIF icon.


6. Open GIMP. Select “File” and click “New.” Make the document the size you want for the animated icon. Make the background transparent and click “OK.”

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7. Select the “Polygonal” tool and draw in the shape of your icon. Then use the “Paint Bucket” tool to fill the selection with the color you want.

8. Click on the “Duplicate” icon repeatedly until you have 10 layers. Rotate the bottom layer slightly, then keep doing this until you reach the top layer, which you leave as is.

9. Select “File” and click “Save.” Chose GIF as the file type and click “Save.” In the following dialogs, choose “Make Animation,” set the duration for the frames and choose “Replace” for the “Disposal.” Click “Export.”


10. Open Photoshop. Select “File” and click “New.” In the dialog set the size to what you want for the icon and make the background “Transparent.”

11. Select the “Polygonal” tool and use it to draw the shape of the icon on the canvas. Then use the “Paint Bucket” tool to fill the selection with the color you want to use.

12. Click on “Windows” and choose “Animation.” In the timeline at the bottom, click on the “Duplicate” icon. Select the second frame and rotate the icon shape 360 degrees.

13. Click on the “Tweening” icon and choose the number of frames you want to add.

14. Click “File” and choose “Save for Web or Devices.” In the dialog, choose GIF as the file type and save your animated icon.