Create A Screen Pet

A screen pet is one of the most enjoyable things that you can create on a computer.

Creating a screen pet is a novel way of enhancing a website and can even be used as a personal avatar. A screen pet will often have more of an impact than a photograph. You can create both a still image of a screen pet and a basic animated version. Creating a screen pet requires a little artistic skill and some intuitive use of a graphics program and a movie making program. You can use either Microsoft’s graphics program Paint or Microsoft’s Movie Maker, both of which are free programs on Windows operating systems.

Instructions “Accessories” > “Paint.” Locate your file and open it up for editing. Click on the “Fill With Color” tool, which is symbolized by a pot of paint, in the “Tool Box,” which is situated on the left side of your screen. Go to the “Color Box” at the bottom of your screen and select a color. Next, click on the area of your image that you want filled. The selected color will then fill the area selected. Fill in other areas that you wish to be filled and save your file.

4. Keep the file open and then select the “Brush” tool in the “Tool Box” to make slight changes to your image. Again, go to the “Color Box” and select the color you wish to use. Just make slight changes to your image by adding whiskers or a funny hat. These will be easy to draw with a mouse. Go to “File” then “Save As.” Save your file as “ScreenPet2.”

5. Create an animation by opening Microsoft’s Movie Maker. In Movie Maker, go to “File” and next click on “Import into Collections.” Import both the bitmap files that you’ve saved previously. Drag the “ScreenPet1” file into the “Timeline” at the bottom of the screen, then do the same with “ScreenPet2.” Find the right edge of the first file and drag it to the left to make it smaller. Do the same with the second file also. Save your file by clicking on “File” and then “Save Movie File.” You will be given the default option of saving your file to your computer. Click “Next.” Give your file the title “ScreenPetAnimation.” Click “Next.” You will be instructed that your file is being saved to the best quality. Click “Next” again. The movie will then be saved and you should then leave the “Play movie when I click Finish” box checked, as it is. Click “Finish” to play. Your default media player will then play your animation.

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