Create A Screensaver Using Text

Adjust the look of your screen saver.

Many different screen savers are available on a computer, all with varying ranges of imagery and content. Although most adjust images and 3D graphics, some revolve around text. The text appears as a banner on the screen saver or takes up the entire screen. It is possible to type in any content you want directly through the screen saver properties window.


1. Right-click on the desktop of the computer and select “Properties.” A desktop properties window appears on the screen.

2. Select the screen saver tab and a variety of different screen saver options appears on the screen.

3. Look through the options. Towards the bottom of the list are several different text-based screen savers. Choose the design you like the best. In the middle of the properties window is a blank bar. This bar is used for your text.

4. Click in the blank bar and type in the desired text.

5. Click “Approve” and the new screen saver is saved.

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