Create A Text Fade Animation In Photoshop

For years graphic artists, web designers and many others have used Adobe Photoshop’s numerous features to create an untold number of projects. While Photoshop is capable of producing advanced animation, like movie quality special effects, it also has some very basic features, like the ability to create a text fade animation.


1. Start Adobe Photoshop. Open up a blank document in the program. Make sure the document has a white background. The document must have a white background for the text fade animation to work.

2. Create some text. Change the foreground color to (#000000).

3. Click the gradient tool. Select the “black to transparent” style from the drop down menu that should appear at the top left corner of your screen.

4. Click on the layers tab, hold “ctrl” and select the layer that your text is on and create a new layer. Select the new layer and then the gradient tool.

5. Drag the tool from the top of the outlined shape of your text to the bottom. Delete the layer with the original text. The text fade should be complete.

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