Create A Text Field In Adobe Acrobat

A text field can be created easily in Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional. A text field allows a user to enter text in this field while controlling the formatting of the text. The steps below will tell you create a text field in your Adobe Acrobat form.


1. Start Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional and open an existing PDF to which you would like to add a text field.

2. Select the “Text Field Tool” from the “Forms” toolbar. It is the sixth button from the left and is depicted by a picture of a textbox with the letter “T” inside of it.

3. Place your cursor in the spot on the open PDF document where you would like the text field to begin. Hold down the mouse button and drag to the right to increase the size of the text field. Moving the mouse up and down as you do this will also change the size of the text field. Release the mouse button when you have the text field the size that you want. The “Text Field Properties” dialog box will open onto the screen.

4. Select the “General” tab from the top of the “Text Field Properties” dialog box so you can set the general settings for your text field. Type a name in the “Name” textbox to name the text field. At this point, you can also type a “Tooltip” that you want to show up as a tip when users are filling in the text field.

5. Choose the “Appearance” tab from the “Text Field Properties” dialog box. Click the boxes to the right of “Border Color” and “Fill Color” to set the colors of the text field border and interior if you would like. The “Line Thickness” and “Line Style” settings can be used if you choose a border color to set the thickness and style of the border. The options in the “Text” section can be used to select the “Font Size,” “Text Color” and “Font.”

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6. Click the “Options” tab in the “Text Field Properties” dialog box. Use the “Alignment” drop-down menu to choose the alignment for text that is entered into the text field by the user. Use the options in the bottom half of the screen to set the text filed to be multi-line, scroll long text, allow rich text formatting, limit characters or check spelling.

7. Use the “Close” button to close the “Text Field Properties” dialog box and return to your PDF document. Your changes will immediately be reflected in the text field.