Create A Venn Diagram In Microsoft Word

Venn diagram

Microsoft Word is part of the Microsoft Office package, a helpful application suite with multiple functions. Word is the word processor of the group, but apart from basic document creation, it has many additional features and options. It contains pre-made templates, such as formal letters, and also has clip art and graphics to insert into your documents. Because of this increased functionality, creating a Venn Diagram is simple, and requires just a bit of modification and the use of the circle drawing tool.


1. In Microsoft Word, change the layout of your document to Landscape by clicking on “File,” then click “Page Setup” and look under “Orientation” for the landscape option to make this change. This makes your document wider than it is taller, allowing you more room to create and edit your diagram.

2. Open the Drawing toolbar by clicking “View,” then mouse over the “Toolbars” menu and select “Drawing.”

3. Click on the Circle drawing tool. Click and drag to create a circle. Hold down the “Shift” key to make it a perfect circle. Make sure the circle is selected, choose the Fill Color icon (in the shape of a bucket) and choose “No Fill.”

4. Copy the circle you have just made by selecting it and pressing “Ctrl” and “C.” Press “Ctrl” and “V” to create a copy of the first circle. Drag the second circle so that there are three spaces: two large areas, and one in the middle where the two circles intersect.

5. Create text inside the spaces by using the Text Box tool. Click “Insert,” then click “Text Box.” You can click and drag the text boxes to make them the appropriate sizes.

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