Create A Virtual 3d Model House

A 3D house.

3D models of houses are used a for a broad array of purposes, from architectural presentations to creating video game backdrops. However, one way that many people use 3D house models is to create a model of the house that they would like to build. They create this basic representation of their ideas so the architect that they are using will have a better understanding of precisely what they want in their new home. While paper sketches are a good idea, 3D models can do a better job of describing the spaces in the house and how they interrelate. If you would like to create a 3D house model, there are several programs that you can use for the project.


1. Open Google SketchUp. Delete the default figure in the scene. This program provides an easy to use interface with which you can quickly layout and expand upon your 3D house model. Start by selecting the “Line” tool and using it to draw out the shape of your house on the ground plane in the main view. You then use the “Push/Pull” tool to raise the design to the height of the first floor of the house. Delete the top polygon to produce and open model of the floor. Use the “Line” tool to draw in and delete the window polygons. Repeat this (beside rather than on top of) the first floor to make the second floor (if there is one). You can add colors to the walls and floors using the “Paint Bucket” tool. Save your work.

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2. Open Poser. Delete the default figure in the scene. Open the “Library” panel on the right and add multiple copies of the “Cube” primitive to the scene. Resize and position the cubes to form the floors and walls of your house. The select a cube and click on the “Materials” tab at the top. Change the color of the cube to what you want for that section of the house. Repeat this for all the parts of the house. Save your work.

3. Go to a site like Renderosity or Animotions and download a cube primitive to your computer. You will want it to be in a format that Daz Studio accepts, such as Wavefront OBJ or 3DS. Then open Daz Studio. Select “File” and click “Import.” Bring in the cube. Resize it to make the floor of the house. Duplicate the cube several times to make the walls of the house. Resize all the cubes and position them. With a cube selected, click on the “Surfaces” tab and change its color to what you want it to be. Repeat this for all the cubes. Save your work.