Create An Animated Character Free Online At Iclone

The computer program iClone allows users to create 3D films, 3D animation, motion graphics and 3D stereo. Amateurs or those who are truly interested in making films and creating animation for career purposes can use the product. Different levels of iClone are available for download, ranging from the free version to the Pro version that costs $199.95 as of 2011.


1. Go to iClone. (See References.)

2. Scroll over “Downloads” and click on “iClone”.

3. Download Version 4.3 by clicking “Download Now”. This is the free version; do not worry about the offers on the side of the page that offer pay versions.

4. Open iClone and create a username and password to complete registration.

5. Click on “Intro” and go through the tutorial.

6. Click on “Animation” and design your animated character. You will be able to choose gender, facial features, hair color and style, makeup, clothing and accessories.

7. Save your animated character to use in 3D movies that you can make on iClone.

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