Create An Electronic Greeting Card

The U.S. postal system is frequently used to send family or friends a thoughtful greeting card. However, the Internet has opened up a new way to send thoughtful messages electronically. Online greeting card sites allow consumers to create and personalize greeting cards, referred to as e-cards, by offering electronic tools such as voice and image activation as well as music titles. The personalized e-card makes the receiver feel extra special. Certain websites offer extra space for personalized typed messages.


1. Choose your e-card’s basic format from an online greeting card site of your choice such as Blue Mountain or Buzzle. There are several different sites on the Internet for you to browse through and most will offer a free sample without paying a subscription to the site.

2. Click on the card type of your choice, such as birthday, romance or anniversary. Click on the “add-a-photo” or the “talking card” features and personalize the greeting card as a decorative option. You will have to wait for the card type to load prior to proceeding.

3. Upload your photo in the format required by the website (often jpeg). Websites will often not allow the combining of features, e.g., uploading and recording voices within the same greeting card. Certain sites will allow you to choose from a selection of background images for your greeting card cover. Certain websites also allow up to six photos to create a greeting card photo album.

4. Select from the different images the website offers to create the card, such as word bubbles. Keep in mind that websites vary.

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5. Drag and drop your image onto the greeting card cover image. Certain sites will ask you to click on the continue button and will proceed to save your work. Keep in mind that if you make any changes to images, you will have to start again from the area you want to change.

6. Type in your message in the space provided. Each website will offer a maximum word or character count. However, certain sites will offer an unlimited word space area.

7. Personalize the card by typing in your name, your e-mail address and the recipient’s name and e-mail address. Certain websites will also offer a selection of font letter types and font colors to choose from.

8. Preview your card prior to sending it. Most websites have a preview button which will load the card and show you what you have created prior to sending it. You will also have the opportunity to change your message or rearrange your images as well.

9. Sign up for free trials offered by the website and find our how many cards you are able to send per year with a subscription. Certain websites will offer members special incentives for you to purchase the subscription. Read any commitment forms the website offers prior to agreeing to any terms.