Create An Invitation To A Violin Recital

You can create your own violin recital invitations with paper and imagination

You or your child have a violin recital in the near future to which you plan to invite family and friends. Yet, a violin recital is special enough that you might not be able to find ready-made invitations for the occasion. Instead, you may wish to create an invitation unique to the situation from your family to those whom you plan to invite. Invitations can take several forms, including email. But if you wish to be more formal than email allows, create violin recital invitations to send to those on your guest list.


1. Find a picture, illustration or graphic of a violin. Find these in music books, encyclopedias or even coloring books. These you can copy and size according to your invitation. You can find violin graphics online that you can manipulate for whatever size and purpose you wish to use them.

2. Use a photo of you or your child playing the violin, along with or instead of a violin graphic. Make sure the photograph is clear and the violinist is the focus of the photograph. You can also crop, or remove, parts of the picture that do not apply. Size, if on the computer, or copy the picture to the size you wish to use.

3. Decide the color, thickness and texture of the paper you plan to use for your invitation and purchase what you need. You also need to decide what form the invitation will take. You can make it like a regular sized greeting card or more like a postcard sized invitation. If you plan to make it postcard size, you’ll want to use a thicker paper such as card stock.

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4. Decide whether to create the invitations by hand or on the computer. If you create your invitations on the computer, you can set up your parameters in your word processor or in a greeting card program. If you plan to do your violin invitations by hand, print out whatever graphics or pictures you plan to use.

5. Fold your paper into a card. If you make a greeting sized invitation, take your 8 ½ by 11 inch paper and fold it top to bottom. Fold this again side to side for a greeting card size invitation. If you use card stock, you can cut your paper in half, fold and make two cards from the paper instead of one. You now have front, inside left, inside right and back. On the front, center your graphic or personal photograph.

6. Add text. To the front, above or below the violin graphic or personal photograph, add the text “You are Invited.” Inside left, you can add a violin graphic. Inside right, add the important information regarding the violin recital such as who the recital is for and when and where it will be held. Add directions if required. Also, let those invited know if you plan any sort of reception afterward and where this will take place. You can also add a violin graphic and text to the back. Use glitter or glitter pens or add other craft touches such as patterned paper or ribbon to make your invitation special. Slip into an envelope and send.