Create Animated Characters Online

Modern online software can help anyone create animated characters.

Since the Internet and social networks became so popular, programmers and website owners designed different funny programs for people to use. Some are as simple and easy as snapping fingers. These software allow you to create online characters with your images, in order to get hilarious results. You may want to animate your grandma dancing a jig or characterize your baby nephew saying: “I’ll be back!” as in the Terminator movies.


1. Choose the photo you will use. For best results, the picture should show the entire face and it should have a good resolution. Pictures with resolutions between 300×500 pixels to 1020×1078 pixels yield optimum results.

2. Choose a webpage to work on. For example, to create a dancing grandmother go to Sign up for an account, if necessary. requires you to sign up for a free account before starting the image processing, but and do not require an account.

3. Select a template. In any of the three websites you will find different categories and templates. Choose the one you like the most. To create a dancing grandmother, select “Leprechaun Liam” at

4. Load the photo you’ve selected as the loading window appears. At click “Examine” and select the picture you want, i.e. “granny.jpg.” Click the green square “Let’s go” to proceed.

5. Crop the picture by clicking and dragging the image frame with your mouse. Use the mask tool at to scale, spin and position the mask over the image face for a more realistic fitting. Click the “Done” button to complete resizing.

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6. Send the animation to your friends. Some webpages allow you to save your work. At, while you cannot save your animated character you can send it by clicking the “e-mail it to your friends” option.