Create Animation With Free Software

Use GIMP to create vivid animations for free.

GIMP allows computer users to create animation at no cost. You do not have to pay money to create beautiful animation with your laptop or desktop. This software lets you take a non-animated picture and transform it into a brief animation. If you can download the free software, open a few files and press the buttons on your mouse, you can create animation for free.


1. Find an image you desire to use. Pick a picture that has value to you and download the picture to your computer. To keep your image from deletion, save it on your computer system.

2. Download and open GIMP. Press the word Enter on your computer. This begins the rendering process. At the completion of this process, you will view a non-mobile picture of the event in the window that contains the picture. To look at the animation, select Filters/Animation and then press the Playback function of the software.

3. Insert words. Write the words you want to use once your animation is done or you run the risk of wavy words. Bring up the Text feature and press the button on your mouse over the image in which you plan to place the words.

4. Choose the style of color and design you prefer. Play around with the color and font selections that exist in GIMP. Come up with designs that you feel closely match the animation you created.

5. Save the picture on your computer. Choose to save the file as a .gif image. Remember, you can always change the file to another animation type at a later point.

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6. Export the project. Select the Export function and this will bring up another window. Make sure that you select the Save As Animation option or you will save just the image and not the actual animation. Verify that the project meets your approval by clicking your mouse two times on the saved animation.