Create Animations In Daz Studio

Use Daz Studio to create your own animation.

3D animation has come to be a major part of the entertainment industry. It is seen in motion pictures and games, as well as printed ads and posters. It can even be used to create animated backgrounds for Web pages. In the past, if you wanted to create an animation like this, you would need to hire a professional or learn use an expensive and complex application like Maya or Cinema 4D. However, Daz 3D offers the freeware application Daz Studio that anyone can use to create their own animation.


1. Download and install Daz Studio. Download from Daz Studio or Renderosity a figure that you would like to use. It has to be one in either the Daz Studio or Poser format. Install this figure to the Daz Studio application.

2. Click on the shortcut on your desktop to start the Daz Studio application. Go the folders on the lower left and browse to the figure you installed. Drag it into the scene.

3. Click on the “Pose” tab and use the “Power Pose” palette to pose the various parts of the figure the way you want it in the first frame of the animation.

4. Move the timeline slider to a later position in the timeline. Reposition the figure the way you want it at that point in the animation. The program will automatically create the positions between these two points.

5. Repeat Step 4 to create all the movement in the animation.

6. Click on the “Render” tab. Click on the “Render Settings” tab on the right. Choose the “Render Style” you want and in the “Timeline” section click “Make Movie.”

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7. Click on the “Browse” button next to “Make Movie.” In the dialog, name the file, choose the location to save to and click “Save.”

8. Select “Render” from the menu and click “Render.” Daz Studio will now render out an AVI copy of your animation.