Create Fliers With Your Photos In Powerpoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is considered an electronic slideshow compiler, but the software does more than just automate presentations. PowerPoint comes stocked with a large collection of templates, including desktop publishing materials like fliers. Although PowerPoint’s templates are fully designed, you can quickly customize them with your own photos to really capture attention with your fliers. Make a custom handout complete with your own digital photographs using Microsoft PowerPoint.


1. Start Microsoft PowerPoint. Click the “File” tab. Select the “New” option.

2. Click the “Flyers” button. Double-click a file folder category. Even if your desired flier type isn’t listed, you can customize any flier template. Scroll through the flier templates and double-click one to open it in the main PowerPoint workspace.

3. Click the photograph, picture or clip art included with the flier template. Press the “Delete” key. If there are more pictures, repeat the process.

4. Click the “Insert” tab at the top of the work area. Click the “Picture” button. Browse to the location of the picture(s) to insert. Double-click the file name and drag the picture into place on the flier. Repeat to add additional photos.

5. Highlight the main text header on your PowerPoint flier. Type over the wording with your own, such as “Cat Adoptathon This Saturday!”

6. Highlight the placeholder text on the flier, where the main wording is. Type over the words with your own text, giving the PowerPoint flier information such as a description of the event, item for sale or community meeting.

7. Highlight and type over the placeholder contact information strips or text boxes on the flier. This will depend on the PowerPoint template chosen. To add text boxes for this information, click the “Text Box” button on the “Insert” tab and use the cursor to draw a text box. Type inside the box with the way(s) flier recipients should contact you for more information, such as a website address, phone number or directions.

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8. Click the “File” tab. Select “Save As.” Give your PowerPoint flier file a name, select a location to save it and click the “Save” button.