Create Free Logos With Graphics

Logo design can be frustrating without the correct tools.

A bad logo can be disastrous for a new business, but logo design can be expensive. Professional logo design prices can range from $90 to $100,000. Most business owners don’t have the time or experience necessary to create their own logo from start to finish. Many are unaware that creating an effective logo does not require starting with nothing. There are several sources that offer the elements needed for a professional logo for little or no cost. It’s always important to choose designs carefully, but a variety of artwork is available.


1. Visit a website that offers free vector designs in .eps format, such as Vecteezy, Vector4Free, or Vector Art (see resources). Browse the available graphics, and choose and download a design from the free options. The design should be memorable, simple and appropriate for your business or organization.

2. Visit a website that offers free font downloads, such as Dafont, 1001 Fonts, or Urban Fonts (see resources). Browse the fonts by category and choose a font that is eye-catching but easy to read. Download several of your favorite fonts and, if necessary, install them into your graphics program. Check your program’s help files for specific instructions.

3. Open the graphic in a design software compatible with .eps files. Quick Logo Designer (see resources), a free software, and several commercial graphic programs fit these specifications. Select each element and adjust its color to your preference by using the color palette.

4. Create a text box and type your business name into the design. Adjust the size to your preference, and try each of your chosen fonts.

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5. Save your work in .pdf format when you are pleased with your design.