Create Glitter Pics

Glitter animation enhances pics and text for websites with a glitter effect. Creating glitter pics requires access to photo editing software that has a glitter animation feature, or a free online photo editor that can create glitter animations and/or the code to embed your pictures on websites. As many free online photo editors also provide regularly updated posting instructions for popular social networking Web sites, they often serve as the best choice for creating glitter pics.


1. Go to a free online photo editor Web site that features glitter animation. For example, or Zygomatic’s Glitterphoto (see Resources).

2. Upload your pic by clicking the “Browse…” button and selecting a saved picture. Once you have selected your file, upload your photo—the upload button should be near the “Browse…” button.

3. Select the tab or menu that offers glitter animation (usually at the top of the screen) and review the options provided. For example, provides an “Animation” tab with “Glitterize” as an option on a drop-down menu of animation features. Glitterphoto uses buttons marked “Glitter Text,” “Glitter Background,” “Glitter Stamps,” and “Glitter Fill.”

4. Select your glitter options. Basic glitter animation should include a choice of glitter speed (fast, medium or slow) to set the rate that the glitter animation flashes on the screen (individual glitter sparkles and/or flashing picture with glitter flashing within it). You should also get a choice of color for the glitter, background, solid fill and/or outlines. Other features include adding glitter to only outlines or solid fill areas within a picture or text and/or adding a stamp (a flashing glitter graphic) to a pic. For example, to enhance a Valentine’s Day picture you could add flashing hearts to the border of the photo.

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5. Edit your selections using your online photo editor’s editing features. Keep in mind that your online photo editor should not only offer basic photo editing features such as cropping, rotating, resizing, removing red eye or blur, but additional effects or animations and the ability to move and save layers to your images. For example, Glitterphoto allows users to add glitter and edit the original picture as well as edit glitter stamps and scale a photo within borders or frames.

6. Save and/or post your picture. You can save to a storage device or an online photo account and then post your pic or post directly to a website. Some online photo editors offer instructions or direct posting to social networking sites such as MySpace and Twitter. For example, has a “Post to Twitter” feature that allows you to upload, edit and then post your glitter pic immediately to your Twitter account.

7. Check out text generators like the one at This can be used to apply glitter text captions to your pics if your photo editor doesn’t offer this feature, or doesn’t provide a wide enough selection of glitter text animations. Text generator sites create code that you can embed on your Web pages.